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Save & Search

“Save and Search allows you to save anything quickly, that you want to remember for tomorrow.”

What you do when you need to save few lines on Internet? You write it on paper and later handle that bunch of papers with you. Have you ever thought of saving a piece of information on Internet and later search them, whenever you want it. is a platform where you can Save anything you need, you don’t even need to remember website url or anything. It provides the Instant Searching facility which makes it more easy to use. is developed for everyone who wants to save small, important notes for themselves and also make it publicly accessible. We initially developed it for saving useful database queries and other important suggestions or tricks that anybody from our team can search on later date.

Many times I thought there is no place on the internet where I can write anything (no login, no access but instantly and simply write) and search it later like Google

- Pushpendra Agrawal, CEO at Walkover.

When SaveAndSearch didn't exist I had to wrestle with Google to find the same results that I already searched and used through its search engine on earlier date. Save and search is amazing

- Ashish Yadav, UI Designer at Walkover