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Save & Search

How easy search is? It is because of Google!

What if we talk about saving something, it requires an account somewhere for example Google Doc, various notepad websites.

Ever imagine saving something on Google instantly and then whenever you need just search it in your own way more specifically with your own keywords that you can remember. No login compulsory, nothing like creating an account, No hectic, just save and search that you always do; saving in your lazy mind and searching it on Google!

We thought over it many times while working with IT Industry (Internet temptation), what If we had any kind of place where we can save anything quickly and anyone (or only private) can search it. We suddenly made a prototype and asked everyone to use it, here are what they said:

Many times I thought there is no place on the internet where I can write anything (no login, no access but instantly and simply write) and search it later like Google. I am using it for saving imp mysql queries, request numbers, favorite music URLs, movie names etc…      

Pushpendra Agarwal
CEO SaveandSearch

I like this site because it provides facility of searching and saving together in a unique way it did not find it on other sites and it provides very friendly environment like i am working on my own site.      

Pramod kantharia
SEO Analyst

LOL, It is a game changer! We generally search what a group of people (those who creates websites) saved. It is great to see where I can save content without creating a space, blog and later easily available to search.      

SEO Analyst

When SaveAndSearch didn't exist I had to wrestle with Google to find the same results that I already searched and used through its search engine on earlier date. Save and search is amazing      

Ashish Yadav
UI Designer

Now anyone can save anything and contribute to stack of information on the Internet. Most of the information is trash, Let me put more! although search engine is made for this purpose only :p
Atleast saveandsearch searches my trash information first, and yeah! It is not trash they were just not organized ;)      

business developer

If you regularly search for a certain group of files for some content, it might be useful to save your search. When you save a search, you don't have to fine-tune the settings the next time you want to use it. Just open the SavedAndSearch, and you'll see your content.      

Sarfaraz Ansari
Web Designer

Here are some important features:
Search starts while you write something to save
Search by Email ID, It brings all your public results
You can sort by famous, latest and with timeline.
Enter email ID and then make it private
You can enter more than one email id.
It's simple and BETA, So let us know your requirements.
Only you can see if it is your private
Delete, edit, comment or vote after login.
We have lots of plan to expand it like developing browser extensions, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, Chrome App and all other mobile website. But before executing further, we have kept this in BETA to see whether we are going in right direct although we are a group of only Geeks.

We welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions.